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Full Product Line

Solar Powered

Now you can utilize solar technology to power your water treatment system, using the sun's energy to eliminate energy consumption and complete installations where standard power is not accessible.

The SOLUTION for your water problems

We offer a complete line of solar powered water treatment equipment, designed to correct virtually every water treatment problem.

We also offer non-electric drinking water systems for high quality, healthy water.

SolarPure Water Treatment System


• Solar panel or AC adapter recharges 6 "AA" NMH Batteries
• Can be programmed for automatic variable reserve, based on water usage history for high efficiency
• Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings
• Service flow rate of 27 gpm, backwash 27 gpm
• Front panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, Totalizer
• Four methods to initiate regeneration
• Optional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency
• Downflow regeneration


Delicious, Sparkling Clear Drinking Water

• Space-saving footprint is great for undersink installation.
• High Performance production utilizing a 36 gal/day T.F.C. membrane.
Quality branded components. No low value or lessor quality “knockoff” parts.
• High purity acid-washed activated carbon block filters, with their superior dirt holding capacity and absence of carbon fines, make them a clear choice over lower cost, lessor quality granular activated carbon (GAC) filters.
SolarPure Sunro36 is Made in the USA


• Pure, Clear and Great Tasting Water
• Pristine Clean Rinsed Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
• Pure Water Rinses provide Spotless Glassware
• Great for your Pets and Aquariums


• Fresh, Clean Water Ready at your Tap
• Outstanding Water Pressure from your Faucet; Fills a Water Pitcher in Seconds
• No Trips to the Store
• Efficient Non-Electric Pump provides the Water Pressure your Ice Maker Needs


Soften your Water and Remove Iron with a Single System

No harsh chemicals and oxidizers are needed for SolarPure’s IronClear System to provide clean softened water through your household. This advanced single system replaces the expensive multiple tank solutions with high maintenance chemical pumps, dangerous oxidizing chemicals, and large unsightly contact tanks.

The environmentally friendly IronClear System control monitors water usage and regenerates only when necessary, conserving water and salt, and lowering chloride discharge compared to conventional time clock softeners.

Eliminate your hardness and iron problems

With robust flow rates of up to 27 gallons per minute of conditioned water available from SolarPure’s IronClear System, you will get the soft, refined water your home deserves.

• No Harsh Chemicals
• Clean, Refreshing Water
• No Yellow Water and Rust Stains
• Softer Clothes, Smoother Skin, and Longer Appliance Life


Get the clean, refreshing water you deserve

SolarPure’s SulfurClear Water System is a single tank solution, taking up much less space than the unsightly contact tank and aerator tank solutions. Also, being a closed system, it does not have the unsanitary and algae growth problems that comes with open air aerators.

The blend of medias used effectively remove sulfur, hydrogen sulfide gas, iron, heavy metals, and other taste affecting contaminants. The media bed also reduces turbidity in your water and has properties which inhibit bacteria growth.

Sulfur Removal Water System

No Harsh Chemicals
No Costly Chemical Pumps
No Unsightly Contact Tanks and Unsanitary Aerators

For a total soft conditioned water solution, team up SolarPure’s SulfurClear & IronClear Water System and get great, clean water.


EnviroClear can be installed at the point of entry to treat your entire home, for both hot and cold water.

SolarPure's EnviroClear Water System prevents scale by transforming the normal dissolved hardness minerals into undissolved crystal micro particles. These crystals stay suspended in the water and have a greatly reduced ability to react and attach to surfaces like dissolved hardness does.

Therefore, the problem of internal buildup of scale in pipes, water heaters, and spoting on fixtures, silverware and glass is greatly reduced.


• No salt required
• Clean, great tasting water for the whole house
• Prevents scale build up on faucets, appliances, etc
• No backwashing required, so no wasted water
• No increase in sodium content of your drinking water
• No electricity needed
• Cleans previous scale in plumbing
• Keeps beneficial minerals in your drinking water
• Low maintenance, no moving parts
• No drain needed